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Investing In An Election Year

investing during election year

2020 has been a train wreck so far to say the least. Added to all the chaos of 2020, this year is also an election year, which could have a large impact on your finances. The stock market tends to behave a certain way in election years. Depending on who gets elected, there could be huge tax implications on your income and your investments. Added to all of this is the black swan event of the coronavirus and unemployment, Congressional…

What to do With Your Investments in Light of the Coronavirus

Markets during Coronavirus

Much has changed in the world of investments since the coronavirus pandemic. The volatility in the stock market this February and March rattled investors before making a rocky recovery April-July. Added to the coronavirus fears are real economic issues of companies slowing down and small businesses shuttering their doors or finding it difficult to find work. While this has been a volatile time in the markets and no one can predict when things will get back to normal, there are…

How to Invest in the Stock Market

stock market

A commonly known investing philosophy is to buy low and sell high. When it comes to the stock market, however, many investors do exactly the opposite. Why do they make this common mistake? The tendency for many people is to want to get in on stocks when they are rising and cash out on them when they are falling. The psychological factor behind this is the investors’ fear of missing out on a good thing. They would rather buy stocks…