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Our college planning is also part of our comprehensive financial planning service. If you have children who plan on continuing their education after high-school then you will benefit from investing in an education account such as a 529 savings plan or a Coverdell education savings account (CESA). We’ll look at these options as well as make recommendations concerning financial aid, the Pell Grant, state grants, scholarships, and other considerations.

Choosing a college is a very important, often daunting task. Important things to consider when picking a school include cost, degree programs, available financial aid, and how it feels. We’d love to sit down with you and your student to talk through career ideas and school options to help make the best decision.

It’s never too late to start saving for your child’s education. Even putting money aside in an educational fund for just one year will make a difference. The earlier you start saving the biggest impact it will have for you.

We offer college and education planning as part of a comprehensive financial plan or as a stand-alone service. Simply contact us to find out more or to Schedule a Free Consultation.

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Your child’s education is vitally important to you which is why taking a proactive approach to planning is always the best choice. A comprehensive financial plan includes education planning for your children. We’ll help you get there! Schedule Your Free Consultation!

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